• 05-15-1871Paragraph 175 is enacted

  • 1929Attempt to Repeal

    An attempt to repeal Paragraph 175 foundered thanks to the rise of the Nazi party.
  • 1929The Pink List

    The SS (Schutzstaffel) began compiling names of identified Homosexuals.
  • 01-30-1933Hitler is elected Chancellor

    Within a week of his appointment all homosexual publications (over 25) were closed and night clubs (over 100) were closed.
  • 1935Rewriting of 175

    Paragraph 175 is rewritten by the SS, arrest of homosexuals rose 10 full, many were immediately castrated.
  • 11-09-1938Kristallnacht

    Beginning of the final solution.
  • 1945Concentration Camps are Liberated

    Survivors try to find loved ones and begin to try to rebuilt their life’s.
  • 1947Re-arrestments Begins

    Homosexual men who survived concentration camps began to be re-arrested and sentenced up to 10 years in prison. Time spent in concentration camps was not considered. Many took their own life when incarceration was imminent.
  • 03-10-1994Paragraph 175 is Repealed

    No reparation was ever given to any homosexual survivor, an official apology was given by the German government 60 year after in 2002.

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