Film Statement

175 was born out of outrage for these victims that have been forcibly silenced just for being themselves. This film highlights the prosecution suffered by homosexuals under Germany’s criminal code, Paragraph 175, during and after the fall of the Third Reich. This story gives one symbolic voice to hundreds of thousands of homosexuals victimized by this under-reported piece of history. 70 years have passed since the end of World War II, but very little is known about these victims. The few survivors that existed have already perished without having told their stories. They left this world without justice; without having their cries heard and when they tried to speak out they were silenced. After surviving the horrors of the Holocaust, many were re-arrested. Fear of further prosecution forced them to live in the shadows for the rest of their lives; a fact that's not known by the world. This film will lift the shadows that have been placed upon them and finally give them the acknowledgement they have so long craved, but been denied. This film doesn’t look at numbers, but rather their stories; their struggles; having to live a life the world did not want to share. That was then and this is now and we are committed to making sure their suffering is not silenced anymore. We have become fearless allies and even though we will never be able to feel, sense or come close to experiencing their silent pain, what we can do is share it, and make the world aware of their injustice. What we know is that by sharing their stories we can make their intent to speak out a reality; for us to have a better future than the past they were forced to endure. 175 will be their voice that for 70 years has been waiting to be heard.


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